Our Theme customizer works as the original WordPress customizer feature but be much more versatile. All our theme options can be changed in our Customizer on the left side and live previewed instantly on right side. With this intuitive interface, you can customize your website as you wish at your fingertips without writing a line of code. To start using Customizer in Admin Panel, navigate to Customizer, you will be redirected to a live preview screen where you can change options on left side and preview your site on right side promptly. All your change will not be committed and viewed on your site until you click Save & Publish on top right of Customizer bar. You also are able to Export your setting in Customizer and Import to apply for other sites. Site Enhancement Custom Favicon: A favicon is a simple square image viewable in browsers for users to identify your website among many tabs. Ideally, it should be a 32×32 pixels or a 16×16 pixels. Most modern browsers can display a favicon in PNG format but older versions of Internet Explorer may not. To make sure your favicon be shown nicely, it is recommended to be in .ico format. … Continue reading Customizer